Alessandro wins the grand finale for RokCup USA in Orlando FL, Sept. 20,2015

Rookie, Alessandro De Tullio, became Champion of round 5 for the MiniRok Class RokCup USA in Orlando, FL on September 20th 2015. Without qualifying due to a computer failure, he started all three heats in the seventh position and his championship placement after round four. First heat, he finished in fifth place. Second heat, another driver collided into to him. Alesso went back onto the track, although he couldn't complete the last lap because his kart was bent and one of the front axles was also bent. He finished in second place for the last and third heat, which placed him in the seventh position, again, for the pre-final, and thereafter finishing in third. Final Race, at the start he moved from third to second, then back to fourth, for about 2-3 more laps, and back to second again. Remained here until the last lap, where he passed the leader two corners before the finish line, claiming his first place win.

Watch the coverage of this very exciting race in the video gallery page. Alessandro appreciates the kind gestures for his win. Visit the photo gallery for pictures.

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