After a rough start at the FWT 2015 first race, Alesso makes it to the podium in 3rd!

Florida Winter Tour, one of the most prestigious and known karting events in the USA, was held at Homestead FL track this past January 24 and 25 of 2015. attracting drivers from different parts of the world. Alessandro qualified 14 for Saturday, all by himself without any draft or push, and 2nd out of 46 for Sunday. Saturday, the luck was not on his side. After being pushed out of the track at the start, at lap no. 10 he was forced to exit due to extensive damage to the radiator. On Sunday, after it was believed that all repairs were made, Alessandro went onto the prefinal and finished in 9th. It was then discovered that the damages were more than just to the radiator. He had no other choice but to go out to the final race with his practice engine. From 9th he quickly gained 2 positions at the start and soon after was 5th, right before the first three wrecked, he then was in the top 3, holding the first position for about 4 laps, trying his very best with all he had. On the last two laps, he battled a very clean race with the driver that took the 2nd place by only .002

We are extremely happy with the results. Thank you SLA Kart Racing, AM Engines and Team, and everyone that supports Alesso, THANK YOU!

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