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Alessandro De Tullio was born in Miami, Florida, USA, where he currently resides and attends school.


First time on a go-kart, at age 4.

​Since the age of 4, Alessandro has shown an enthusiastic interest for anything related to cars, especially racing. Nowadays, he is encouraged to build on his strengths and insatiable desires to race. The constant support from his fans, friends and entire family add to his need to be behind the wheel. Alessandro’s skills prove evident, in his maneuvering ability, keen concentration and persistence for perfection at a very young age.

Alessandro's very first race was after 6 months of practice in the kid (baby) kart class, taking home his first trophy in the 2nd PL, and he took off from there. At the age of  7, six months before turning eight, he was legal to race in the 2014 Florida Winter Tour (a known international event) as a Rookie in the MicroMax class. His debut consisted in racing against 45+ drivers from different parts of the world. In the first race of this series, he finished in 2nd place. 

Shortly after his 8th birthday, he was crowned with his first CHAMPION title in a club race – the Rotax Fall Championship – in Homestead, Florida.

In the meantime, you can follow Alessandro's racing activity on his Instagram:

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